mission (not) impossible

What’s your mission? We all have a purpose worthy enough to declare a mission.

Seth Godin frequently speaks of the lizard brain. This is the voice in our head telling us our work doesn’t matter, continually feeding off negative energy, feedback and criticism.

Everyone has purpose and is capable of driving change to make a difference. That little voice in our head telling us otherwise needs to be silenced. 

Whether it’s bringing people safe drinking watermentoring students in underserved communities or building houses for underprivileged and well deserving families…. People need you right now.

Choose your mission, it’s impossible.


ANYTHING you want to be

Don’t flinch, go for it, be a contender and get in the ring.

It does not require a holiday or culturally established start date.

Envision and create goals every month, week, day and on the spot. Go for it. Take the steps to get you there now not later.

People right now are waiting for you to raise your hand, lead and start a movement.

Your time is now… envision, create, do and be anything you want to be!